Video is now the most powerful way to attract, convert, and keep new customers.

In 2017, video became the #1 trend in Social Media…

And it’s even more popular now. Are you benefiting from the trend?

Ever wonder how much it costs to produce a quality video?

While the cost depends on many things, it’s become more affordable than ever to start a video ad campaign.

Here Are 3 Reasons to Start Marketing with Videos

1. Marketing With a Video Can Make You A Lot More Money!


2. Because Your Clients Want MORE Videos from YOU!Effective Advertising - Marketing with Videos

Here’s what the experts say –

  • Consumers are 4x more likely to watch a video than read about you…

  • 54% want to see more videos from brands they like.

  • 1 out of 3 people online are watching videos (with ads).

3. The Cost of Marketing With Videos is Now More Affordable Than Ever!

As technology gets better – it’s become easier for small businesses to produce their own videos.

Videos absolutely dominate social media.  EVERYONE is looking at online videos…

Your video will be seen more than other content, so if you haven’t started to market with videos, you may be falling behind.

And the best news is… quality can fit in your budget.

Effective Advertising Authentic VideosBecause the #1 thing viewers look for in a video is Authenticity.

More than story, expensive production cost, lighting, sound, and amazing action – Authenticity is the number one thing your customer wants to see.

That’s what makes your video great!

Authenticity is why a simple raw video can be just as effective as a Million-Dollar Super bowl ad…

The multi-million-dollar Super Bowl ads you see on TV now include social media views and shares as part of their marketing campaign – because this is how you get results today.

The good news is it’s become a lot easier for you to compete with multi-million-dollar TV ads – because quality content gets seen and shared on social media!

You Can Now Create Amazing Videos with Almost Any Budget

Many small businesses who create their own videos spend only $500 – $1000 a month on video production.

Is there anything stopping you from starting to market with videos?

Because a couple of videos are almost guaranteed to be better than nothing!

Wave surveyed 500 small businesses and the #1 reason for not making videos is “I can’t find the time!”Video Marketing Study - Challenges

Hopefully By Now, You Realize – You Must Find The Time To Create Connecting and Authentic Videos or just hire us to do it for you!

Or if you are already producing your own videos, and you’d like some professional assistance – that’s what we are here for.

We’d love to hear from you – <Let’s Chat Here>

If you want your video to make a difference come up with a plan.

Look at what you want to accomplish. Perhaps?

1. Create Brand Awareness and Brand Authority

2. Educate Potential Clients about Your Product

3. Boost the SEO of Your Website

4. Create Ads to Get New Customers, or

5. Build Relationships with Current Clients

Choose your goal carefully – Because speaking to the right audience matters!

An educational video may get you more sales, yet the goal and audience may be very different from a presentation directed at getting new sales.

Once your goals are clear, setting your budget is simple.

Here Are 3 Things to Think About When Creating a Budget for Video Advertising –

How Much of Your Budget:3 Things to Help You Budget for Marketing With Videos

1. Will Go to the Content Creation?

2. Will Go to Production, Lights, Camera, Action?

3. Will Be for the Ad Spend?

Everyone plans for #3 – yet why pay for more ads, or more videos when paying for higher quality content can get you better results?

Because the most effective ads – Connect with, Persuade, and Invite the right people to come to you!

Spend most of your time on your message… and if you don’t have the time to create a memorable message, give quality content enough of your budget to really make a difference for you.

Because getting your message right is much more important than having the perfect lighting, or even expensive cameras and audio equipment.

And this video from Purple Feather (A Content Creation Company in the UK) makes this point exceptionally well…

Will A Professional Script Writer Give You Better Results?

When a budget is tight, the scriptwriter is often the first person to be tossed out.

This is interesting because it’s the very thing that can make the biggest difference.

Anyone with paper and a pencil – can write a video script.

And anyone with a smartphone – can make a video now.

So, what difference does it make to hire a professional scriptwriter?

As professionals in the industry – let’s put this in perspective for you.

A great scriptwriter will probably make you 10x to 1000x more than a good scriptwriter. The difference can easily be more than that. This is comparing professionals with years of writing experience.

If Your Message is the most important part of your video – give it the attention it deserves.

At the same level as Authenticity – the Quality of Your Words matter more than anything else you do.

You are probably in business – because you care about your clients, and you believe your product and service is the best.

How does your presentation match the quality you offer?

If it’s not clear why your customers should buy from you – they won’t.

Most businesses have mediocre messaging – this is the #1 reason they are struggling.

Now that you know that your message is the biggest reason for your success or failure – isn’t it more important to hire the best writers when you present what you do in a video?

Do you realize…

85% of Facebook Videos are Watched Without Sound!

So Your Facebook Video is more like a silent film!

Do the words traveling across the screen –

  • Connect with Your Audience

  • Present Your Message in a Clear Way

  • Create a Memorable Story

  • This is what we can do for you.

Are you spending enough to get a quality presentation?

The Most Successful Companies Will Spend 40% of their Marketing Budget on Content – and Average Companies Only Spend 22%- 26%.

Successful Companies Invest Nearly Twice As Much In Their Business!Effective Videos Spend More on Content

What’s that tell you?

(See our Pricing Home Page Graphic)

Here’s What You Can Expect – When You Hire Us to Write Your Speech or Video

We are great at writing Your Story in a memorable way…

Because we love what we do.

And we really care about giving you a quality presentation.

We are especially good at:

(See the SEO Packages and Pricing Here)

We can do it – yet we are not set up for –

  • Long-term Webinars (If you are going to be the main presenter and build a brand around your personality, our UPLEVEL Masterclass is designed to give you the skills to present in person, with lots of examples of writing and speaking at a top-level).

  • Event Videos (Unless we bring in a team of videographers to do a lot of editing and stylistic production)

Your Video Script and Speech Writing Price will depend on 3 things:

Effective Advertising - Cory Molloy on a Hike

1. The Length of Speech or Video?

2. The Platform and Production Involved?

3. How Many Videos Are Needed?


Effective Advertising - Joni Molloy On a HikeIn general, a 30 second to 1-minute production will usually cost $1,000 to $5,000.

If you’d like to hire us simply to write a solid speech – so you can produce it yourself. You can expect it to be around $1,000 per script, for a 30-second spot.

That’s for UPLEVEL Quality – Subliminal Messaging in your Script Writing.

We are often able to create the most effective messaging in the industry – because of our secret recipe for getting next-level results with – magical words, powerful questions, and rhythmic phrases in the most positive, present, and personal way possible. I’ve never seen anyone get better results…

If you’d like to chat about – hiring us to bring your videos to life – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Then someone on our team will give you a custom quote.

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We are glad to be Your Favorite Advertising Professionals

Cory and Joni Molloy are awesome at combining the memorable language patterns of NLP; with the most positive, present, and personal words in advertising. They write fresh, focused, and custom pitches designed to get results in the top 1% of what’s possible.

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