This is Helpful – If You’re Just Getting Started and Can’t Afford Ads Yet… (we’ve all been there!)

Most businesses already have a sales and marketing strategy – yet often miss out on perhaps their biggest income opportunity.

Getting their happy customers to talk about them.

Because A Happy Customer is Your Best Salesperson!

So, how do you get your customers to share the excitement?

Give them a reason to!

When you provide a high-quality product or service, your customers will naturally want to share their positive experience with their friends and family.

And these positive reviews can make a big difference to your success.

They can be the reason you stay in business instead of your competitors…

It’s cheaper than hiring more salespeople… and it gives you automatic credibility!

Effective Advertising - Referral Sales & MarketingHere’s why a Referral Sales and Marketing Strategy is so important!

Effective Advertising - Get Others to Sell for You!I’ve been writing ads for 25 years – yet my best results came from a referral ad!

For every 100 letters, we mailed (asking for a referral) – we got 86 NEW clients! (Read the Story Here)

Here Are 3 Great Ways To – Get Your Customers To Talk About You!

1. Remind Your Clients of Your Talent and Brilliance

How did I get such a ridiculously amazing response with a referral ad?  In the letter, I reminded our clients of how we stand out.  While this isn’t comfortable for most – if you have been providing amazing service, remind them of why they chose you in the first place! (It makes them feel good about their choice).

And if they are happy with the quality, you gave them –

They will be even more likely to purchase again!

2. Invite Them to Share Their Experience with Their Friends – at the Right Time!

Our referral ad had even more success – because we asked for the sale at the right time.

We just made it easy – to choose us again when our service was needed!

Perhaps, you don’t have a seasonal business or a best month to ask?

Then, the best time to ask for a referral is simple –

“Ask for a referral when your customer is happy with you.”

For most companies, this is right after the sale.

It can be a simple follow-up email, with a link to your social media or your business profile on google.

Another idea is to – write out what you think or hope they would say about you. Then see if they agree and will post it on google business or your website for you.

Lots have busy schedules – if you can make it more convenient for them, people will do a lot more for you.

Another way you can make it more convenient for them to give you a referral – is to reward them when they do!

Trust Pulse: The Power of Referrals3. Create a Perfect Reward for Those Who Recommend You to Their Friends

What can you give?

Coupons, discounts… how do you figure out what would motivate your clients – to talk about you?

Ask them!

And always test your results…

One Gym became even more successful when they rewarded their customers for working out – with FREE passes to share with their friends:

“Congratulations!  You Worked Out 7 Days Last Month – You Earned three 7 Day Passes to Share with Your Friends!”

Those who had to earn the gift (of being able to share their gym with others) were twice as likely to give the FREE passes to their friends than if they were just given the passes.

This effective email referral strategy didn’t cost the gym anything extra. Just changing the message got the members more excited to invite their friends.

That’s what always happens when you UPLEVEL Your Messaging.

Effective Advertising: Five Star ReviewsBecause a Happy Customer is Your Best Salesperson…

We’d love to UPLEVEL Your Reputation with a Referral Sales and Marketing Strategy –

And when you Hire Us, we’ll also look at your presentation on Google, Facebook, and Yelp – to create the social proof you need to have clients come to YOU!

If it’s a good time for you to get extra business from referrals –

Your $4,597 Business Referral Package Includes:

  • Creating an Amazing Presentation on Google, Facebook, and Yelp –

  • With Photos – To Set You Apart from Your Competition!

  • A Plan to Ask for Testimonials & Customer Reviews

  • Editing Testimonials and Reviews to Present You at Your Best!

  • A Sales and Marketing Strategy to Get More Referrals

Of course – We’d love to chat with you about any ideas you have – Request a Custom Quote for a Marketing and Sales Strategy HERE!

Let’s UPLEVEL Your Presentation – to give you a reputation people remember!

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