Effective AdvertisingWould you like to get a YES 99% of the time?

When my friend Art gave me a sample of his amazing raw food bar – I said, “WOW! This tastes amazing!”

I then asked him to put some in a bag for me – so I could test it on a long-distance bike ride. The results were stunning – I felt amazing!

It’s this super healthy, easy-to-digest combination of fruit and nuts – and I was full of energy on my 100-mile bike ride!

I said, “It’s so much better than what they have in the store – we have to sell this!”

I then went around – cold selling – to 100 stores with a 100% success rate!

And I got an audience with every store manager!

What’s the secret to my success?Sales Success for Probar

Asking the Right Questions Can Make All the Difference

Start to ask more “YES” questions like… “Isn’t this a beautiful day?”

Because it makes others more likely to say “YES” to your next question.

If you want even better results – ask a powerful confidence-building “YES” Question like, “Are You an Adventurous Person?”

Because if they say “YES,” to this – they are 55% more likely to say YES to – “Then would you like to try a NEW brand of soda?” (Bolkan and Anderson, 2009)

Are you starting to see how our examples can help you win at this game?

YES – sales is always about the right questions…

And, if you are in business –  you are in sales!

The car you drive, the girl you’re with, and even your paycheck are a result of how well you sell and present yourself.

Your business is the same way.

Effective Advertising Creative Director, Cory MolloyWould you like to know what I said to get our new product into 100 stores with a 100% success rate?

For reading my articles – I like to reward my audience with pure gold.

Hopefully, this next example will save you a lot of time and make you thousands of dollars like it has for me. (please let me know if it does)

My leading question to promote ProBar was – “You Are in Business to Make Money, Right?”

Then I’d say, “Well wouldn’t you like to have the #1 top-selling bar in your store?”

And with our Win-Win Strategy, I guaranteed it was the top-selling bar!

I’d also say things like, “It’s got the best taste and nutrition of any bar in the market. Isn’t that what you’d want your kids to eat?”

Frame everything you say to get the “YES!”

Our UPLEVEL Masterclass is filled with examples like this.

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Magical Words, and Rhythmic Phrases

When we write your sales and elevator pitch – we choose words with positive associations – to link YOU to things your potential customer likes!

And then we sprinkle your message with lots of rhythmic phrases.

So, even if they aren’t ready to buy today, your message will ring in their ears and will be the first thing in their mind, when they need what you offer.

These magical words and associations can be very powerful – they can easily double and triple your sales!

Create a Win-Win 100% Guarantee Strategy

At ProBar, we offered everyone a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Our product quickly became the #1 selling bar in the stores – because we’d spend all day giving out free samples until their customers were buying plenty of ProBars!

We gave thousands of ProBars to their employees and customers.

We supported our stores and they loved us for it.

What’s something you can do to Guarantee Results for your Customer?

How do you make your service the simple, safe, and easy choice for your clients?

This might be a challenge – to figure out.

This is why I am paid the big bucks.

Because I keep at it – until I come up with a real winner.

Effective Advertising: Money TreeAre you ready to Double Your Sales?

Because you can instantly improve your results – With the right questions, magical words and rhythmic phrases, and a Win-Win 100% Guarantee Strategy.

“While dating Cory, I paid him $5,000 so he could mentor me in subliminal phrases and conversational hypnosis – and with one phrase – I doubled my class attendance!” – Joni Molloy, President at Effective Advertising

Joni was completely amazed at how much easier it was to get volunteers after I scripted a few sentences for her.

I promoted events for Tony Robbins and when I first heard about it, I didn’t believe anything could be this persuasive either. It’s a whole new level of awesome.

The more you learn about subliminal messaging and conversational hypnosis, the more you’ll want to learn this – to be even more successful at selling.

Of the Five Ways, You Create Business Success, Which of These Five Areas Need the Most Attention?

1. Leadership

2. Marketing and Sales

3. Finance/Accounting

4. Customer Service/Fulfillment

5. Product Development

We Can Be Most Helpful With:

1. Leadership – by scripting your messaging so it gets the best results possible. This is what we cover in my $5,000 UPLEVEL Masterclass.

2. Marketing and sales – by messaging what you do in a way that gets much better results than ever before with advertising and sales words.

3. Customer Service – we script responses like what to say when the phone rings, answering machine messages, and auto-responses.

Messaging Is Our Gift to YOU –Effective Advertising is Our Gift to You!

Choose the Package and Price that’s best for YOU!

  • 1 Sales Pitch UPLEVEL + a “Win-Win” 100% Guarantee Strategy – $1,997! (This is our specialty and it’s a low price for what you get)

  • 3 Different Elevator Pitches (30, 60 and 120 seconds) – $1,997! (this is also one of the most valuable gifts we can give you)

  • Custom UPLEVEL Sales/Corporate Training for You and Your Employees! *

(1 Hour Team Training with 30 Minutes Q&A is just $197/per person. Special discount available for groups of 10 or more)

Let’s Create a New Custom Sales Script for YOU! (And show you how to present it)

Something focused and specifically designed to get results in the area you would like to UPLEVEL.

Like Scripting for Your:

  • Inbound Calls

  • Outbound Calls

  • Trade Shows

  • Automated Messages


  • Researching Your Ideal Client – to see how to get YOU the YES!

  • Framing Several “YES” Questions – to Double Your Sales!

  • Writing Your NEW Sales Pitch with a 100% Guarantee Strategy

Plus, Assistance with:

  • How to Get into that Persuasion Mindset

  • The Tone of Voice that Subliminally Doubles Your Sales

  • Word Patterns – that can Double Your Sales!

  • How to Ask Questions – that get a “YES” More Often!

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While I am positive by nature, over and over I am surprised by how much messaging counts. There does not seem to be a better investment in business than top branding and messaging. Nothing seems to make more money.

Give us a call so we can chat about your project – even if it’s just an idea.

A lot of business owners are playing small – when they could be making 10x more with better messaging. To get the best results possible we all need to invest a lot of time, energy, and money, because that’s the real price of excellence.

Hopefully, you see this as a wonderful opportunity to GO BIG With Us.

Cory Molloy Creative DirectorBecause we’d love to UPLEVEL Your Messaging to the Highest Possible Level.

We think it’s fun to make our clients extra money.

This is about you – and your success!


Cory and Joni Molloy – Your Favorite Advertising Professionals