As a business owner, you are often a Jack of all Trades…

Then as your business grows, you became the expert at your business.

Yet, unfortunately becoming an expert at your business, does not make you a messaging and marketing expert, or even a top presenter.

We often work with small businesses of about 30 employees, who make 7 figures.

They are already successful and talented – yet even with their own in-house marketing teams, they hire us for our high-level skills with NLP*; for content that sells; and they love the great results we give to them.

Our most recent client (Aug 2021) wanted to create an online funnel where he would offer his leads a FREE eBook to collect their emails.

Effective Advertising eBook Design

When I saw his work, I knew I could be helpful to him.

Jim is an excellent accountant.

Yet he was struggling with how to speak to doctors and at the same time simplify his message.

To be more connecting with his target audience.

Simple Sells

He hired us because he liked our simple, direct style of writing…


Effective Advertising eBook

Because Simple sells!

As a well-educated, financial planner, CPA, Jim’s expertise requires a deep knowledge of our complicated tax laws. His expertise is anything but “simple.”

To attract more of his readers, we came up with a fun, yet accurate way to present his message.

When Jim Hired Us – We Helped Him Avoid These 3 Rookie Mistakes

If you want to become wildly successful at Sales and Marketing, you’ll be needing a deep understanding of human psychology…

Yet, when you first get started in business, you won’t know a lot of the common mistakes.

Let’s explore this together.

Mistake #1: Too Much Focus On A Pain Point

Move Away from the Pain Point – And Focus on the Results Your Clients Get When They Hire You!

A lot of marketing Gurus say to “focus on the pain point…”

Because there are studies that say, “You are 2x more likely to react to pain than to pleasure.” Yet, for happy and healthy long-term relationships, it’s much more important to understand what your clients really want and care about.

The pain point is just one part of how your product or service helps people… It’s way more important to highlight the things that matter to your client.

Remember people aren’t motivated by the absence of pain, alone…

They act when they can picture their life-improving – from what you offer.

This is the reason MOST Effective Advertising isn’t “negative” marketing.

We’ve been able to get our best results ever – by presenting our client’s message in the most powerful, positive, present, and personal way possible.

Because your future customer will connect with you a lot more – when you present what you do in a way that builds trust.  

Effective Advertising Builds Trust

We’d like your client to imagine the better life you will give them!

As Jim was trying to find the right title to grab attention, he wanted to frame his message around the “Pain Point” of his ideal customer –

“How Doctors Inadvertently Lose $1.5 M…”Effective Advertising's Gambler's Guide

This made me smile.

I’ve watched people gamble in Las Vegas…

And I bet most would agree – it’s way easier to lose money than to make money!

If I were to write “A Gambler’s Guide To Losing Money” – would anyone even read it?

Do you see the similarity now?

Also, I haven’t heard anyone say, “inadvertently” in a while… not since reading legal documents and working with the legislature.

I love big words, yet big words don’t sell.

Most people don’t make these mistakes on purpose.

They do it because they don’t understand the real cost of their word choices.

So, we replaced his “Inadvertently” with something better.

Always simplify for the win…

Five Costly Mistakes Doctors Make That Can Cost Up To $1.5 M…”

This option is better –

Yet, we wanted to get to the heart of what Doctors get when they hire Jim.

  • Effective Advertising Mistake #2

    Tax Savings

  • More Investment Options

  • A Better Plan for their Future

The positive solutions – beyond the pain!

“If You’re a Physician – Here’s 5 Wealth Secrets – To Save YOU $1.5 M!”

As you gain a deeper understanding of sales psychology, you’ll find the motivation, and begin to paint the picture of how their lives improve when they choose to work with you!

Mistake #2:  Overlooking Universal Human Psychology 

Jim has already spent a lot of time thinking about his ideal client.

He wanted the doctor on the cover to be more relatable to his target audience.

And most of his clients are 50 to 60-year-old male Physicians, with an entrepreneurial spirit.

My original cover had an attractive, young female doctor…

Effective Advertising Coke GirlHe said, “I’d like the cover to reflect my ideal client…”

So, we changed his cover to a successful-looking male doctor in his 50’s.

This also made me smile.

Because most males also like attractive women…

In advertising, beautiful women and fast red cars get attention.

(Just like this Coca-Cola girl!)

This is just universal human psychology.

Even when selling to females, most ads will have female models.

So, I’m pretty confident the female doctor would perform better for him…

Yet, I think we found the perfect male doctor – to fit his idea.

Which cover gets your attention faster? A or B?

Effective Advertising eBook Cover ExampleEffective Advertising eBook Cover

Mistake #3: Underestimating the POWER of Each Word

Our final piece of the E-book was a picture of the finished product.  When Jim asked for this – I wanted to be sure I understood what he wanted.

So, I asked, would you like to add any words to the image – like, “FREE eBook?” 

He said, “The word “FREE” didn’t meet his goals… “

Like most business owners, he doesn’t yet realize how much more he can make if we add certain words to his message.

A lot of what we do for our clients has to do with selecting the words that outperform other words over and over in our ads.

When we write ads for you – we like to choose the most positive, present, and personal words.

As advertisers, we study and test our headlines and our Call-to-Action words.

It’s how we get amazing results.

If we can come up with a better word in your title or your call to action, it could easily make you millions more in extra revenue.

“FREE” is always listed in the top ten most effective words.Your New Guide

It’s so effective, even the politicians are starting to say the word.

Yet, there are several words that get even better results than “FREE.”

Because I know which words rank the best – I gave him several words in the top 5 – for his eBook Call to Action.

And came up with, “Your NEW Guide!”

Yes, changing a word really can make you more money.

I traded the word “eBook” for “Guide” – because it is a more positive word than eBook, isn’t it? A “Guide” evokes trust.  Because a Guide can also be a chosen leader – someone you trust.

We carefully choose every word, especially when it’s going to be in your headline!

Does Your Passion Deserve a Top-Quality Presentation?

Effective Advertising Print

Like Jim, you probably started in business to make a difference.

You have a unique gift – a way of talking, thinking, and serving that’s different from everyone else.Effective Advertising Print Design

When you have a passion for something – you start where you are, with what you have to move things forward.

Yet, at some point, as your business grows – you’ll discover that you can reach more people and grow faster when you hire the right professionals to present your business.

That’s how we can make a difference for you – when you are ready to grow.

About Effective Advertising:

Cory Molloy Content CreatorAt Effective Advertising, we give you a presentation – you just can’t get anywhere else for the price.

Because ONLY a dozen or so people in the U.S. have similar high-level skills with NLP, and they don’t create ads professionally like we do.

“There are 5,585 Digital Advertising Agencies in the U.S.” – IBISWorld Feb 2021

And Effective Advertising is the ONLY ad agency to specialize in combining the powerful hypnotic and subliminal language patterns of NLP; with the most powerful, positive, present, and personal words in advertising.

This is how we get the best results in the industry for our clients.

While we learn new things all the time – you may be surprised at the results you get – after we UPLEVEL your ad with our special combination of magical words, powerful questions, and rhythmic phrases.”

This is what sets us apart from others in the advertising and marketing industry.

And it’s why you should hire us to make money for you.

The new buzzwords in the industry are UI and UX.

Because most companies have not focused on the User Interface and User Experience. They have not understood how important it is until now. We do.

*NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of how to reprogram the mind. The hypnotic techniques were developed by the world’s most successful therapists like Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir. In the 1970s, John Grinder and Richard Bandler systematized the principles. It’s now being applied to sales and marketing. Effective Advertising is now leading the industry with NLP, subliminal messaging, conversational hypnosis, direct marketing, PR, spin, propaganda, and persuasion.