Before You Even Have A Client…

Dawn had an incredibly painful kidney stone, yet she found instant relief with pressurized oxygen and red-light therapy.

After her surprising experience, she wanted to share her discovery with others…

Where she opened up a new healing clinic and asked Effective Advertising to help her get new clients.

So Joni and I got online to read through hundreds of pages of medical abstracts and summaries and then did Google and ChatGPT4 searches to cherry-pick the most interesting stories.

Like Dawn, you may not have a lot of testimonials, yet you may not even need them to become successful in your industry.

Maybe seeing what we did for her –

Will help you to create a connecting message and build your credibility like she did.

If you’re a copywriter, content creator, or a business owner –

The first thing to do is to build the foundational framework

The way you position your message…

Remember those cool, 3D glasses at the movie theatre?

Think of the frame as the “Lens” you want your audience to see through…

It’s the context you give to your audience, so they interpret what you say a specific way…

That presents you as the go-to person of authority, without relying on others for social proof.

In marketing, we call this Positioning.

Similar to finding your position on a map with latitude and longitude.

Now let’s give your audience a comparison that works in your favor…

So your audience thinks of you before your competitors.

Yet before I give you the 3 Positive Frames I learned from NLP…

Let me warn you…

These may not work for everyone!

Because there are 101 things that can get in the way of the world’s best message…

(Which is why we prefer to run the ads for you as your CMO)

Yet positioning yourself is easier when you have a quality offer, and you provide a quality service.

Here are 3 POSITIVE Frames to Position Your Offer in the Most Credible Way

#1. Lead Your Audience to the Right Comparisons with Pleasing Visuals

#2. Create Subliminal Connections with Other Popular Trends

#3. Present the Research in a NEW Way

1 – Lead Your Audience to the Right Comparisons with A Pleasing Visual

Live Well O2 is a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen and Red-Light Therapy Clinic…

Because MOST of us aren’t aware of this option –

Or why it would ever matter to us – we needed to explain the benefits and the results in an interesting way that would get attention.

Here’s how we did this for Dawn…

First, we create a whole new way of thinking…

We connected her health solution with something already familiar –

Brown, liver spots that old people sometimes get on their skin.

Everyone’s seen them –Effective Advertising Content Creation

Yet, MOST don’t realize…

You can get these same AGING spots on your brain.

And they cause other symptoms of aging, like memory loss and dementia.

These spots come from the oxidation of fats –

And OXYGEN can stop or slow this oxidation process, to restore your memory and brain function.

So we highlighted the benefits of supplemental oxygen in a way that 99% of us haven’t heard before.

In another ad, we compare giving your cells extra oxygen to recharging a battery:

Battery Running Low?  

Here’s How Pressurized Oxygen and Red-Light Therapy Can Boost Energy-Levels

So how do we come up with high-level comparisons?

We focus on the results of the product or service – and how it can specifically upgrade your life.

After identifying the main OUTCOME the clients get – when they buy your product…

Make it tangible…Effective Advertising Positioning

Like charging a battery.

So they can see, touch, (almost taste, smell) and feel your message.

Because the right comparison makes it easier for them to see how you are going to help them and change their life…

And even if you have little social proof, they can see you know your stuff so they may be willing to give you a go.

2 – Create Subliminal Connections with Other Popular Trends

When you’re starting out…

Look for the best examples and stories to share.

We found celebrity athletes who are using pressurized oxygen – To heal from their injuries faster.

And even though these athletes aren’t supporting her specific clinic…

Sharing their stories will subliminally build credibility for her business.

Look at this headline:Effective Advertising: Positioning

How Top Athletes – Heal Faster

We then explain how pressurized oxygen makes a difference for them…

In another ad, we sensationalize the results even more:

Effective Advertising: Content CreationThis Navy SEAL “Secret Weapon” Reduces Pain and Inflammation

When Navy SEALs –

Received pressurized oxygen they healed 40% faster from their injuries.

3 – Present the Research in a NEW Way

Get creative…

By sharing the latest research, stats, and trends to build your authority.

Because our minds won’t pay attention to old news…

You can often present the old news in a new way with a FRESH perspective.

Because our audience is not familiar with Red-Light Therapy…

We shared the way it was discovered in a fun way:

Red-Light Therapy:  NASA’s Wacky Way to Regenerate Cells –Effective Advertising: Content Creation

Reduce Inflammation, Heal Wounds, and Boost Brain Power!

Our best ideas for this client came from the research…

So look for fun history lessons or the science behind the product.

Even your origin story can be gold.

And all these strategies can build your credibility BEFORE you even have your first customer review.

Of course, once you Position, Frame, and Message yourself as a top expert…

Clients will begin to come to you.

When you’re ready to get started…

Here are a few other ways to get more customer reviews:

  • Free samples

  • A contest, scholarship, or prize giveaway

  • An extra quality product or service…

Referrals and reviews all come naturally from happy customers.

It will all come together for you when you Create Desire and Build Your Credibility.

Just remember to:

#1. Lead Your Audience to the Right Comparisons with Pleasing Visuals

#2. Create Subliminal Connections with Other Popular Trends

#3. Present Research in a NEW Way

Hopefully, you enjoyed these examples…

Let us know in the comments which of the five ads was your favorite.