Effective Advertising - for Law firms

Nobody Wants to Call a Lawyer!

  • First if you need a lawyer you are in trouble.
  • Second lawyers charge an arm and a leg.
  • Third have you seen their ads?

You see their ads everywhere – lawyers in expensive suits with their arms folded talking about their credentials and their big wins.

It’s not interesting! It’s not connecting! They write their ads like they are speaking to the other lawyers they are competing with. It’s posturing instead of inviting.

So how do you find a good lawyer who actually cares about you…

When you need one?

Effective Advertising for the legal industry.

In our first conversation, Charles asked me to look at his website.

To reach your audience your message needs to be absolutely clear. You get 7 seconds to say exactly how you can help them.

Looking at his website I thought “Helping Injured People Recover” is a great slogan for a Hospital.

I immediately knew I could put money in his pocket –

Because I’ve created value for my clients with successful ads for over 25 years… yet I still didn’t yet know why anyone would even hire an injury attorney.

So, I spent several weeks looking at the messaging of other attorneys (over 50 websites) and reading all I could about his business until I could clearly see how I could serve him.

The message of how you serve your audience is the first thing you want to say.

What do Personal Injury Lawyers do in a word?


There are over 2 Million Car Crashes Every Year in the U.S. Resulting in 2.35 Million Injuries. Most of them don’t even get enough compensation from the insurance companies to treat the injuries others cause them.

Even as an advertising professional – I didn’t realize that most of the time you won’t be fully compensated for the injury’s others cause you – unless you hire an Accident Attorney.

If you want to be remembered – you need a slogan to say what you do.

What do Personal Injury Lawyers do in a sentence?  

“When Someone Injures You – They Make Sure You Get Fully Compensated!”

Here’s what I came up with for Charles:

  • The typical American gets into 3 or 4 car crashes.
  • It’s the leading cause of death to age 35.
  • It’s the leading cause of disability.

“Everyone Gets Injured! When it happens to you… I’m Here for YOU!”

When the rest of your life depends on whether you Get Fully Compensated, because you’ve been seriously injured or disabled by someone and you can’t work anymore – a good accident attorney can make a huge difference for you.

The biggest thing attorneys seem challenged by is connecting with their audience.

For his Logo: I went with simple because it works!

I gave him a nice calming blue with a circle gradient your eye will quickly notice.

It’s now: Charles McCorquodale Law –
Your 5 Star Legal Support Team.

He has a lot of 5-star reviews and he’s going to earn a lot more of them.


Effective Advertising for Charles McCorquodale Law
Effective Advertising

Because the mind will remember details in small chunks.

So, come up with three to five ideas, bullet points or words to say what you do.

The 3 words on his Business Card are: Accidents, Collisions and Injuries.

For his Business Card: I asked Charles to sit on the floor of his law library with a book, a cup of tea and a real smile.

We then ask – Would you like to Be Fully Compensated for your Injury?  Let’s chat over coffee or tea.

I think it’s a fun photo that shows his personality and how approachable he is.

The front of his Business Card has his slogan and a photo of him nicely dressed chatting on the phone in the park (waiting for your call).

Experienced Advertising Professionals will often apply the Rule of 3 in the messaging – 

Effective Advertising Business Cards

Look at the mailer that went to every home in his zip code…

Everyone Gets Injured!

When it happens to you…

I’m here for YOU!

We Got into This Busines Because…

MOST people are NOT Fully Compensated for their Medical Costs and Expenses, Property Damage, Lost Wages, Prescriptions and Physical Injuries. 

Ever Watch the TV Show - The $6 Million Man?

… The Average Cost of a Fatal Accident is well over $6 Million Dollars …

The next mailer builds on this warm, friendly approach.

Effective Advertising is about creating recognition, trust and connection.

The World Isn’t Fair…

That’s why we all need a good lawyer. 

Charles Explains to his son Edwin – the harsh reality of life.

“It’s No Fun to See What Happens to Those Who Are Dealing With Their Injuries Alone…”

When Superman is Busy

I’m Here to make sure 

You Can Pay Your Bills! 

As Your Legal Support Team –

We Are Here for YOU!

I Love What I Do…

I Make Sure Everyone Plays Fair!

You Can Visit His Website Here: