No one likes the sound of silence…

They often say in sales –

“He who speaks first loses…”

That’s how powerful the pause is…

Yet, FEAR is the real reason silence sounds so loud…

It’s why the unskilled speaker quickly fills the moment with nonsense words like, “Ah, Um, and Er…”

And it’s why organizations that teach public speaking like Toastmasters assign a special person (The Ah Counter) to keep track of your filler words.

Even newspapers and magazines have editors…

And ad agencies have copy chiefs to remove filler words.

This is to ensure a high professional standard of clear communication.

Yet all too often business owners don’t realize how valuable their messaging can be to them and their audience…

So they write ads with “filler” words in long paragraphs (like an English Essay).

Instead of breaking their idea into easy-to-follow, bite-size lines.

For better results – try this instead:

1. Short words (4th to 8th grade level simple)

2. Short sentences (up to 14 words)

3. Short Paragraphs (up to 5 sentences)

And these words, sentences, and paragraphs need to be spaced out well…

In a varied but rhythmic way with plenty of pauses so the mind can absorb and digest the information you are giving them in an easy-to-follow way.

This approach can give your audience a “pause…”

So they have the time to convince themselves of your proposal…

(Because ALL persuasion happens inside their head, not yours)

Are you tapping into the power of the pause –

In your marketing messaging, when you’re not face-to-face?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches this principle in depth.

And the most important sentence often comes after a pause.

Because what you say at that moment…

Is the key to guiding your audience to…

Convince themselves.

It’s called a “Pattern Interrupt.”

And if you are able to recognize their pattern…

You can interrupt their pattern – and put them on an entirely NEW journey.

Just like switching the tracks of a train.

Would you like to see how the power of the pause can work for you?

Because this simple strategy –

From the hypnotic word patterns of NLP can give your sales presentation the surge of energy you may be looking for.

Here Are 3 Powerful Pattern Interrupts You Can Learn Today

And with practice, you’ll become a master of the pause.

Pattern interrupt 1:  HumorAdd humor to your sales & Marketing

Humor sets YOU up for success in almost all human interactions.

Because laughing sends happy chemicals to our brain…

And this is like a backdoor…

To enter inside the buyer’s mind.

Because it interrupts them from what they were thinking about (including weighing the options with their logical mind) –

It leads them to a place of imagination and possibility.

And you can easily slip ideas into their unconscious awareness with humor (when they are having positive, warm fuzzy feelings).

For example: in a political conversation about immigration, I’ve said…

“I’d let anyone across the border if they bring a taco stand with them…”

“Because I love tacos!”

No matter which side the person is on…

No one’s argued with me after that.

Or interrogated me about my real opinion on the matter.

I suspect this is because they all think I’m in agreement with whatever their border policy preferences are…

Or maybe this pattern interrupt works so well because they’re laughing and no longer thinking about politics…

Instead, they are imagining a tasty taco and spicy salsa.

Yet, what they don’t realize is –

I just opened the back door into their subconscious brain.

Pattern Interrupt 2:  Questions

There are two kinds of questions:

Powerful Sales Questions

1. Questions to understand

2. And questions to lead

Asking leading questions is like grabbing their hand to lead them in a new direction…

Yet if you do this with a complete stranger it could be awkward.

Similarly, leading questions work best when you are already respected by your audience.

Skilled hypnotists and salespeople understand this…

And because they are able to read their audience well – they can get almost magical results with their questions.

The ancient philosopher, Socrates, was a genius at leading students to their own conclusion by asking them a carefully crafted series of questions.

His style is called, “The Socratic Method.”

It’s how attorneys question witnesses during trials to get to the truth of what happened.

But it’s also what top instructors, marketers and sales professionals do to help you connect the dots for yourself.

Yet when it’s done masterfully –

You’ll get a warm response almost every time.

When I was asked to help my friend get his new nutrition bar into stores…

I would interrupt the owner or their busy managers with questions like:

“Have you ever tried a ProBar?”

I found the right question would always cause them to stop, pause and think.

And my “excited to help,” passionate approach with these powerful questions got ProBar into every store I visited.

Pattern Interrupt 3:  Be Bold

Here is another example that can be super powerful when it’s skillfully added to the conversation.

Ever received an awkward message like…Sales & Marketing

Hey? How’s Business Going?

When I read an approach like this…

I know a sales pitch is coming…

It just makes the fake pretense more awkward…

Dancing around the real (self-serving) reason you’re reaching out just makes you seem unsure of yourself…

(Like the nervous speaker filling the pauses of his speech with, “Ah-Um…”)

I recommend you skip the fake friendliness…

And the long introductions you’ve seen from others…

And get right to what you are there to do for them (in 2-3 sentences).

Because a well-crafted sales conversation that’s genuinely helpful and connecting flows as naturally as a ballerina doing a pirouette…

If you don’t know the word (it means to spin, or twirl) you uncultured swine. Sales Copy

Trash talk aside…

Boldness can save you and your audience time.

And with more time you can reach more of the RIGHT people.

(The ones who want and need what you offer.)

This gives you the power to steer the conversation in any direction you want…

So you can position your offer as a win for everyone.

To Unleash the Power of the Pause:  Plan What You Say After the Pause

Whether your sales presentation is for print or face-to-face…

When you skillfully add-in these 3 pattern interrupts:Sales Copy

1. Humor

2. Questions

3. Boldness

Your sales presentation will be more appreciated.

Because we ALL like the unexpected…

And like opening a Christmas gift…

Or watching a suspenseful movie…

The surprise gets your attention.

Now when you are presenting what you do…

You’ll remember these 3 pattern interrupts, right?

Let me know how it goes for you.

I’d love to hear how you cause the pause.

And connect more with your audience.