(Here’s Why You Might Want a Great Website with the Best SEO Content – You Can Get!

Your Website Is Your Online Billboard. And half of the world’s population will be online today searching for businesses like yours.

Are you ready for them?

Effective Advertising - Your Website it Your Online BillboardIf You Like the Idea of Financial Success in Life:

1. Buy Something

2. Sell Something or

3. Start a Business

Just realize – 50% of new businesses won’t be here in 2 years.

And 90% of new businesses won’t be here in 5 years.

 “Failure to Market Online” is the first thing mentioned in Inc. Magazine’s “Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Fail.”

For the business owner who wants to stay in business –

what’s the closest thing to buying the winning lottery ticket?

It’s Great Marketing!

Because 80% of business success comes from marketing…

You have more experience, insight, and talent – when it comes to running your business. Yet we can make sure you are successful with your marketing…

This section is all about how to promote your website better.

Quality Content Gets You More Leads!Consider This YOUR FREE GUIDE to Making Money Online with Your Website, Your SEO Content and Your Social Media.

Giving Your Audience Quality Content is now the #1 Way to Make Money Online!

This Is Why Many Business Owners Are Making Quality Content Their #1 Marketing Priority –

Inbound Marketing Top PrioritiesOur clients save more money long-term by Investing in Great SEO Content than any other marketing strategy.

Because they get more organic visits to their website and more conversions, they can spend less money on advertising.

Yet some still prefer to invest the extra money they save, in other campaigns to grow their business even faster. It’s about how fast you’d like your business to grow.

Effective Advertising Gets You Ranked on GoogleWhat Does It Mean to Be at the Top of Google Search Rankings?

  • 90% of people will only visit the websites listed on the first page

  • 84% will skip the paid ads and visit the organic listings

  • 61% of the clicks go to the top 3 organic listings

  • 33% of the clicks go to the #1 ranked organic position

Effective Advertising - SEO May Be Helpful to You...Top SEO ranking may be right for you if –

  • You Want Leads to Come to You – from Your Website, instead of more expensive advertising!

  • You’d Like to Be Seen As the #1 Authority in Your Industry by Building an Online Presence.

  • People are looking for your product or service on Google Maps (like a movie theater, gas station, or restaurant).

How Does Google Rank My Business?

Google looks at many things – to see if your website has quality and authority.

To Rank Your Website, Google Looks For: 

  • Quality Content

  • Length of Content

  • Popular Keywords

  • Images and Infographics

  • Shares on Social Media

  • Customer Reviews

  • Domain Age (how long you’ve been online, how often you post articles)

  • User Friendliness (website speed, does it look good on mobile phones)

  • Backlinks (your links to other sites, and the authority of sites who link to you as a resource)

While there are lots of technical terms and secrets surrounding SEO (search engine optimization) the main thing to remember is Google wants to reward websites who…Effective Advertising: 3 Ways to Get Noticed Online!

1. Give Super Helpful Information to those who search for their product or service.

2. Show Their Authority in their industry by sharing informative articles. They often create a social media and YouTube following.

3. Give High-Quality Content and stand out above the competition.

If you want your website to rank at the top – combine your helpful information with an interesting presentation!

To rank at the top as a bankruptcy lawyer, provide interesting articles for your potential clients (Like the best advice on how to budget).

Or if you’re a Real Estate Agent for first-time home buyers – write something to your audience (like how to fix your credit and get approved for a loan).

Because search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, are going to review your website – for the most helpful information on topics related to your industry.

  • Getting ranked high by Google will send 1000x more traffic to your website than a social media following!

  • What you invest in SEO is 20X more likely to reach your audience than pay-per-click ads on both mobile and desktop.

  • High-Quality SEO Content does a lot more than invite people to your business, it attracts the right people to your business.

A Great Website Is Often The Best Investment You Can Make In Your Business

So, which businesses can benefit the most from an online billboard?

What 10 Industries – Get the Best Results with SEO?

1. Small Businesses and Start-Ups

SEO can be the most cost-effective way to market your business for lasting results.

B2B Makes More From Effective Advertising SEO2. Online Businesses

Some businesses are exclusively online – software, retail, and some services.  If you have an online business – SEO belongs in your marketing strategy.

3. Niche Companies

Do you offer a unique, specific, or specialized product or service? Because it’s a lot easier to rank at the top, if people search for the specialty thing you do.

If you sell your product or service to other businesses, (B2B) you’ll probably make 2x more with SEO than any other method of marketing!

4. Local Companies

Do people search for your local company by typing (your business or service), “in my area,” or “near me?” If so SEO may be a great investment for you!

5. Maintenance Professionals

SEO is fantastic for landscapers, plumbers, pet services, and other home cleaning, repair, and maintenance services. You have a huge advantage when you are the first business they see!  Add several amazing customer reviews and they will come to you.

6. Restaurants and Bars

7. Doctors, Dentists, and Health Professionals

8. Real Estate Agencies

9. Law Firms

These are all industries people search for online.

(Dance and music classes, gymnastics, and martial-art studios may also do well)

These aren’t listed in the top 10, because your success will depend more on your competition and marketing.

10. Competitive Brands

SEO success really depends on the right balance. It’s more challenging to rank in a highly competitive industry (like lawyers and insurance agencies), yet it can also be difficult to rank well if the competition is too low (because not enough people are searching online for your service yet).

Whether it’s in Print, Web, Video or in Person – More than anything else, your presentation is what gets you from good to great in business.

Once you have an excellent brand – your next step might be to hire our Content Creators for your Website Design, SEO, and Social Media.

Because quality content will give you 3x more leads and 6x more conversions!

Effective Advertising Content Creation for SEOThis is why – it’s valuable to have a trusted expert give you the best quality content.

You also get ranked quicker if your SEO specialist is up to speed on your overall digital marketing plan.

Populating your website with blog content will give you 434% more search engine-indexed pages than other business sites who don’t publish content.

Add creative content on Social Media and YouTube – Videos, sharable graphics – with some stellar customer reviews and people will come to see you.

Customer Reviews & Social Media Shares Will Improve Your Rankings

Your social media pages, and business profiles (Google, Yelp, and others, like Alignable), will also have an impact on your ranking.

This is so important in digital marketing – because your customer reviews are seen as 12X more credible than you or your sales team tooting your own horn!

Here’s How a Content Creator Can Get You Ranked FasterHow A Content Creator Gets Better Results

SEO magic is created by a quality presentation on the front end of your website, and a knowledgeable computer programmer to ensure the bots at Google recognize your site and get you ranked.

Once the content, design, and programming of your website is ready, your SEO specialist will check the speed and performance of your website and then make changes as needed to give you better results.

Even with our highly skilled team – it’s a challenge and big accomplishment to put together a top brand and manage the entire presentation for a big corporate website. It’s why we work together as a team with our clients.

It’s about finding and creating quality photos, writing quality articles, and producing great videos to build your audience with lots of value.

Getting noticed online is a combination of both quantity and quality! Building your online “authority” takes time.  Some say you need about 70 well-written articles.

After we get started on your messaging – you can expect your ranking to improve (and even get you leads) in about 6 months to a year.

Lawyers are perhaps the most challenging business to get ranked well. We were busy, yet we got Charles McCorquodale Law in Mobile Alabama ranked 3rd in his area within 6 months!

We got him ranked higher than the large multi-million-dollar firms in his area. They are calling him – because they want our secrets and they want to hire us.

We actually have a lot of secrets – others in the industry are not doing. We do industry-leading work in several areas, and it often makes a huge difference for our clients. Because several on our team have been working in this industry for decades.

On average, great content can get you ranked #1 in your industry in 3 years! *  This may seem like a long time (in our instant results world) yet what kind of money do you make when you are the #1 leader in your industry?

Even if you need to build your business slowly – you can get there faster with quality content. If you’ve been trying to save money with mediocre content – are you paying the price for excellence? Business consultants say, “this is throwing away thousands of dollars for a few pennies.”

What Can You Expect When You Hire Our Content Creators?

Effective Advertising - Makes You More MoneyWhen you are thinking about hiring a content creator – first look at your budget and come up with a dollar range that works for you.

For SEO Content, there are many affordable options, yet if you want immediate results, you will pay more upfront.

Before we get started on your website – we prefer to Focus on Giving You a Quality Brand First… (See our branding package here) …

Because a huge amount of research goes into understanding your industry and how to message to the right audience. This is how we give you fantastic results.

We then design an amazing custom website for you…

That’s Designed and Subliminally Written for High Conversion.

As You are Probably Aware – marketing companies often start at $12,000 for a basic website. Yet an incredible, customized website (without advanced programming, or database scripting) easily ranges between $50,000-$250,000 when it’s done by top industry professionals.

We do something extra special for you.

Our Basic Website Design Package Includes:

  • A Custom Website Design Proven to Get Results ($2,000)

  • A Home Page with An Excellent Sales Pitch ($3,000)

  • A Pricing Page to Explain What You Do and how it works ($2,500)

  • An About Us Page/Story – to really Connect with Your Audience ($3,500)

  • A News Articles/Blog Page to Get You More Subscribers ($1,000)

  • A Contact Page with all the “Behind the Scenes” of a Website – Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Redirect Pages, etc. ($1,000 Value for FREE!)

For this entire package – Your Price TODAY is – $9,975                  

And if you want extras, we’d be happy to give you a FREE custom quote.

Additional pages usually range between $1,000 – $3500.

Once you have an amazing website, we offer different monthly packages for site maintenance, security, website optimization from our programmers, along with quality content from our content creators.Effective Advertising Content Creation

Your SEO Package Includes:

1. Website SEO Analysis

2. Keyword Research to Create your Keyword Strategy

3. A Plan Based on How Quickly You Want to Grow

4. Keyword Page Code Enhancements

5. Site Cleanup

6. Website User Experience Enhancements

7. Business Profile Development

8. Quality Content Creation

9. Custom images for Social Media Shares

10. Ongoing Reporting and SEO Enhancements

11. Secure Sockets Layer and Certificate (SSL/TLS)

12. Website Hosting

13. Advanced Security

Your Custom Package Will Range Between $1,500 – $36,000/month

This list is like a menu – where you can choose what you’re needing – and we can give you a custom quote based on where you’d like to start.

Some SEO Specialists will only focus on your website, missing out on simple and effective ways to get you ranked faster.

Our Content Creators focus on every aspect of SEO for you – Content Creation for SEO

  • To get more followers on your Facebook Page…

  • To get more reviews on Google and Yelp…

  • And Manage any Social Media Ads for You!

(There are a lot more choices than we list here)

That’s why it’s best to get together with our team on the phone or in person.

Here’s Even More Ways to Build Your Empire:

  • A Deep Dive Survey to Correctly Identify Your Target Audience $1,000

  • Manage Your Social Media Facebook/Google Ads for an additional $5,000/Month to get more quality leads for you right now.

  • Social Media – Cleanup of Negative Reviews and/or give you a New Look with images and messaging $2,000-$4,000.

  • Testimonial Video Professionally Edited with the content you sent adding text, music, w/logo $1,000. This is huge for your Website SEO and for Ads.

  • Top Video Editing is $125* a minute. Top Video Scripting is $225* a minute.

  • A Custom Website Funnel to automate the sales process for you runs between $16,000-$160,000 (We expect to pay over $8,000 for the high-level programming and setup). This will absolutely set you up!

  • Your Strongest Sales Pitch (70-90% YES Rate) $5,000

  • Your Elevator Pitch (30, 60, and 120 Second Versions) $2,000

  • Phone Answering Script (1 page) $1,500

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Give us a call so we can chat about your project – even if it’s just an idea.

A lot of business owners are playing small – when they could be making 10x more with better messaging. To get the best results possible we all need to invest a lot of time, energy, and money, because that’s the real price of excellence.

Hopefully, you see this as a wonderful opportunity to GO BIG With Us.

Cory Molloy Creative DirectorBecause we love to UPLEVEL Your Messaging to the Highest Possible Level.

We think it’s fun to make our clients extra money.

This is about you – and your success!


Cory and Joni Molloy – Your Favorite Advertising Professionals