Can You Mail 100 Letters And Get 86 New Clients?


In SALES you – WILL ALWAYS Make More $$$ MONEY $$$ – When You Present Well…

The Accountant Story

Can You Mail 100 Letters – and Get 86 New Clients?

Can You Mail 200 Letters – and Get 172 New Clients?

You could see the fear on his face when he said, “Someone broke into my car and stole my laptop! All of my contacts are gone. I think I’m going out of business!”

He was a corporate and tax accountant for years and thought it was all over.

As an advertising professional – I smiled and said,

“It’s a good thing you are talking to me about this…”

“Why don’t you go to your office, gather every address there – and we will write you a letter to get you more clients?”

In life – when one door closes another door always opens.

At Times the Right Words Are Like Magic…

Effective Advertising - The Right Words Are Like Magic

He found 200 addresses, and what happened next was amazing.

We Said The Right Words at the Right Time!

Four hours of my time saved his business and made him hundreds of thousands of dollars (It’s probably over a million now).

I helped him craft his story with an offer almost everyone wanted to say “YES” to.

It’s such a simple letter. Surprisingly simple, yet it got better results than Dan Kennedy’s $50,000 dollar sales letters.

How did this magic happen?

The Right Words

The headline was designed to get attention.

Because you want them to keep reading…

We reminded them of everything they might want in an accountant…

  • Trust in the Relationship
  • Experience (Success with 9,000 Clients)
  • Extra Benefits and Guarantees (No one else is doing)

In your business, what unique benefit do you offer?

What do your customers get when they choose YOU over your competitor?

Are you giving more, better, and different in some way?

If so, let your Customer Know.  

The Right Time

Effective Advertising:  Words Can Increase Your Sales!

No one likes Tax Season – we just want a great accountant who will make everything simple and save us the most.

If you receive a letter from someone you know, like and trust – the moment you need them, are you going to purchase their product and service? Yes, you are!

How often does your customer need your service?  Because you will get the sale if you meet their needs at the right time. They will even appreciate you more because you go the extra mile for them. And they will be glad to refer their friends and family to you.

Effective Advertising - Money Magazine

The Right Way

A Big “Thank You!” can mean so much.

We gave them a gift of appreciation. Something of real value to them.

When you really understand what your clients appreciate, small things can go a long way to make you more money.

Right now, how would you ask someone to promote you?

If you like what you see, “Do Me a Favor and Invite Your Friends…”

Or… I’d like you to receive this gift for every referral you send me!

We sent 200 letters… and he received 172 New Clients!  200 + 172 = 372!

We Nearly Doubled his Business – with One Letter!

Come to Our Next UPLEVEL Masterclass to see how the best do it and get your hands on the letter –

What Did the Letter Say?

What Did We Give them?


Learn How the Best Frame, Position & Message

In a More Positive, Present and Personal Way

This Is Where We Show You How To UPLEVEL Your Messaging  

  • With Magical Words
  • Powerful Questions
  • Rhythmic Phrases

I love what I do!  I got into this business to make a difference…

Even if your messaging is still an idea for you – send me a note. 

Maybe I can be helpful?

Your Friend,

Cory Molloy – Creative Director at Effective Advertising

P.S. I grew up in a small German town on the Moselle River (near France and Luxembourg) and I’m a big fan of quality and top-level results! 

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