First (On a scale of 1-10) Where’s Your Branding, Logo, Slogan and Messaging?

You Get 3 SECONDS to Make a Good Impression!

Because most people have the attention span of a goldfish.

Change Your Words - Change Your Life!What’s Your Logo Say About You?

Because YOUR brand and messaging is the best investment a business can make.

Nothing can make YOU more money.

Except for that Rich Nigerian Prince who says, “he will send you 30 million” (if you’re willing to give him your bank account info).

Ever have a one-on-one sales conversation with a customer where you have a great connection and a positive feeling?

That’s what a great content creator is able to do for you.Effective Advertising - Creative Director

Just like if you were standing on a stage with thousands of people in the audience listening to you. We can create your ads and message with that same one-on-one connection and feeling in all of your print, web, and video presentations.

Because Effective Advertising is really about creating the CONNECTION you feel with your customer in your BEST one-on-one sales conversations…

This is what I love about creating great content!

It’s all about the right words, questions, and phrases.

And with the right media – you can reach millions of people with one click!

It’s the ultimate way to make a difference.

This is how an excellent content creator – can change your business from good to great.How is Your Brand, Logo & Slogan?

Does your target audience recognize your – Brand, Tagline and Jingle?

Do they think of your product or service first?

Like Kleenex, Google or Levi’s?

  • The “Kleenex” brand is so popular we call every brand – Kleenexes.

  • “Google” is more than a company name now, it’s something we do online every day.

  • The “Levi’s” brand is so recognizable worldwide, it’s become another word for jeans.

If You’d Like to Be the #1 Leader in Your Industry –

Your Brand Is What Gets You Noticed!Effective Advertising - Cory Molloy

Most businesses get to this place where things are working – yet they never experience what’s possible with their brand creation.  They become satisfied with the good, so they miss out on becoming GREAT.

It’s because most business owners, CEO’s and presidents are not content creators.

Even if you’ve been to college for sales & marketing – great content creation usually comes from a rare combination of psychology, creativity, and real-world experience.

Even with decades of experience, for us to create awesome content – we explore dozens of brand creation examples and sketches (sometimes hundreds) before we get to our final choices.

Sometimes we get lucky and your brand creation comes together in days – yet most of the time it’s weeks to come up with the perfect psychology/subliminal messaging to reach your audience.

My Number #1 Motivation as a Content Creator is to 4x, 10x, and 20x my client’s business. I absolutely love it!

I’m in the business to get results. I created my first cereal box in 1984, and I love the creative process. It’s some of the highest-level thinking there is. It’s like an endurance event – as it burns a lot of sugar to keep going with the creativity.

Story Time: Have you ever purchased a computer?Willpower - high-level thinking

When you buy something – you are also investing your mental energy (your brain sugar).

You’ll always need more sugar for the more complicated comparisons.

1. If you go into Best Buy and look at what’s there – you might have 5 similar choices available. So, it’s relatively easy to compare what’s there and buy it.

2. If you want more customized options from a list of upgrades (extra RAM or the faster SSD) – like the menu at a restaurant. You can pick from their list.

3. If you build your own system – you’ll need to research all the components, what they do, who makes the best, and find out if they play together well.

Pioneering research by psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, and New York Times science writer John Tierney, shows us how high-level thinking, content creation, trading, and self-control can only happen when our mind has enough sugar.

The mind probably burns 20x more – making high-level comparisons than it does with simple menu choices.

I mention this because, as Your Content Creator, I compare every single word for its value in the sentence. Because every word could be worth a million dollars to you!

It’s as intense as high-level forex trading in the way each word can win or lose thousands of dollars – even millions, so I go the extra mile to get YOUR messaging right.

Sales & Marketing for ProBarMy Brand Creation Examples: My ProBar Success Story

When my friend, Art came up with a tasty combination of seeds, nuts, and berries in his bread mixer, I came up with a name for it – “PROBAR.”

Because that’s exactly what it is – a delicious and nutritious bar made for professional athletes.

My Brand Creation Examples: Charles McCorquodale Law

When I read his slogan, “Helping Injured People Recover” I knew I could UPLEVEL his Presentation.

Brand Creation: Memorable Slogans, Taglines, and Jingles!

As their Content Creator, I spent several weeks looking at the messaging of other attorneys visiting law offices (and over 50 websites) … until I found the right words.

The first thing to say is – how you serve your audience.

What do Personal Injury Lawyers do in a word?


What do Personal Injury Lawyers do in a sentence?

 “When Someone Injures You – We Make Sure You Get Fully Compensated!”

Here’s what I came up with for Charles:

  • The typical American gets into 3 or 4 car crashes.

  • It’s the leading cause of death to age 35.

  • It’s the leading cause of disability.

“Everyone Gets Injured! When it happens to you… I’m Here for YOU!”

My Brand Creation Examples: Day Trade Smart

Their imagery has the stock market bull and up and down arrows in their logo. They wanted to target more everyday Americans – yet their logo makes more sense to experienced traders. Plus, it’s the most common theme in the industry.Is Your Brand Presenting Quality?

You don’t get noticed by doing what everyone else is doing – and it doesn’t create the image of excellence.

What if I could come up with a logo to inspire everyone who sees it?

What if I could tell more of a story with your logo?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let’s connect your audience to the idea of a golden opportunity and success?

Gold is associated with quality and success, and green is associated with growth and money.

When You Think of Investing – Isn’t the Idea to Create a Money Tree?  Hopefully, it grows, even while you sleep!Our Content Designer's Brand Creation!

As their Content Creator, I changed the tagline from, Day Trade Smart, “That’s What We Do” to

“See How The Best Win!”

After putting these ideas together – here’s what they got.

Our Brand Creation Package Includes: Your Logo, Jingle/Tag/Slogan on High-Quality Business Cards.

We do all of this for $4,997 because it always takes a week or two to –

1. Understand Your Audience

2. And Give Them the Right Message

So You Will Get Noticed!

This isn’t a big moneymaker for us – yet it will be for you.

  • New Logo Design

  • Super Memorable Slogan/Tagline/Jingle

  • High-Quality Business Cards – To UPLEVEL Your Networking Presence.

Custom Brand Creation Package:

To Unify Your Entire Product Design and Messaging –

  • Product Label Designs

  • Product Descriptions for Web and Print

  • Product Story – Give Your Customer’s a Great Reason to be Loyal.

Regular Price: $2,997 for additional product design and descriptions.

Ask Us for a 5 or more Package Deal!

Let’s Set You Apart from Your Competition – In A Way That Makes You More Money.

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