My Multi-Million $ Sales Success with ProBar!

Advertising for the health industry

I worked at a health food store with my high school friend – Art – and he often invited me over for dinner.

One day, I went over to his house and he had all these seeds and nuts in his bread mixer, so I asked for a taste… 

Wow!  It was so amazing! “What’s in this?!” I asked.   

Art had gone to the bulk bins at Good Earth Natural Foods, which has the largest supplement selection in Utah, and found 17 whole food ingredients –

He came up with a special mix you could live on to get all the nutrients your body needs!

I then asked him to put some in a bag for me, so I could test it out on a long bike ride.



As professional athletes know – most foods really do not digest well, especially when you are competing in long-distance endurance sports like cycling.

I went on my bike ride and could not believe what I felt! I had super high energy levels for 100-miles.

As soon as I saw Art I said, “we need to sell this! It’s amazing!”

I came up with the name, “ProBar” – Because it is the best bar I’ve ever seen for professionals. I then created ads and got it into the first hundred stores in just three months! 

It’s now a multi-million-dollar success story.

It’s talked about in all of the outdoor and sport magazines as the best tasting, highest nutritional content bar you can buy.

Art opened the Park Ivy Café one of Utah’s first Vegan restaurants where he made nutritious food tasty for everyone.

After Art made the original recipe, I got it into the first 100 stores with a 100% sales success rate. 


Advertising for the health industry
Advertising for the health industry

What was “The Secret” to my Sales Success With ProBar? 

When you say it with the right words and you have an excellent product it’s easy to get a “Yes” 70 – 90% of the time!

This is what’s possible when you UPLEVEL your messaging:

  • With Magical Words
  • Powerful Questions
  • Rhythmic Phrases

Let’s see what’s possible for you! 

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