Some say, “Everything is online now, print advertising is old fashioned.”

Yet, with so much online advertising, it makes direct mail even more special.

Here Are 12 Reasons Direct Mail May Be Great for Your Business!

1. Direct mail brings New Business

2. Direct mail gets Opened & Read

3. Direct Mail Is Something You Can Hold

4. Direct Mail Is Familiar & Builds Trust

5. Direct Mail Is Highly Targeted

6. Direct Mail Is Highly Personalized

7. Direct Mail Is Creative & Versatile

8. Direct Mail Is Simple To Do

9. Direct Mail Is Cost-Effective

10. Direct Mail Supports Back-End Fulfillment

11. Direct Mail Complements Digital Marketing

12. Direct Mail Is Highly Trackable –

  • On a Website

  • With Custom Phone Numbers

  • And Exclusive Offers

Guess who loves mail? Millennials!

Millennials Love Direct Mail - Effective Advertising

Millennials are the first generation to grow up with technology. Yet when it comes to sales promotions – 90% of millennials say they’d rather get a postcard in the mail than their email inbox.

  • 73% use coupons from mailers.

  • 63% made a purchase within the last 3 months because of a mailer.

  • 92% say direct mail is more likely to influence a purchase than an email.

Even if your audience isn’t the Millennial Generation, marketing your business with mailers is one of the best ways to increase your sales.

Studies show almost 80% of homes read the mailed postcards sent to them – and over 50% make purchases after a postcard is mailed to them!

So, YES!  Printed Persuasion can be a valuable resource. Especially when your Content Creator comes up with the right visuals and the right message.

And certain businesses are well known to get awesome results with mailers!

As a General Guideline –

These 10 Industries Get Excellent Returns with Flyers and Mailers:


1. Real Estate Brokers & Agents

2. Car Dealerships & Mechanics

3. Marketing & Advertising Agencies

4. Universities, Colleges & Schools

5. Non-Profits, Charities and Political Campaigns

6. Medical Offices, Dental, Chiropractor, Massage

7. Installation Companies, Solar, Windows, Roofing

8. Home Services, Handyman, Repair, Cleaning, Lawncare, Pools & Spas

9. Education and Events, Gymnastics, Ballet Schools, Martial Arts

10. Any Retail Business with Coupons!

For others, a direct mail campaign may be great for specific promotions:

  • A Grand Opening or Special Event

  • Introducing a New Product Line

  • Giving a Coupon to Reward Loyal Customers

  • Inviting Loyal Customers to Invite Their Friends

  • Special Occasions: (like holiday coupons, or right before tax time – if you’re an accountant)

Direct Mail is a great way to make extra money for your business.

We have more examples and ideas for you in this next section.

Effective Advertising Mailers & Flyers

Mailer #1 – The $6 Million Dollar Man

Effective Advertising - Direct MailEffective Advertising - Direct Mail CampaignLaw – is a very competitive industry.

So, we wanted to give Charles McCorquodale Law a great introduction to his neighbors in Mobile, Alabama…

We chose a fun story –

Ever Watch the TV Show – The $6 Million Dollar Man?

Steve Austin is an astronaut who is in an accident and gets put back together – with stronger, faster parts!

Isn’t this exactly what you’d want if you were in an accident?

To have the pieces of your life put back together in a way where you are better, faster, and stronger…

While Charles McCorquodale can’t give you superpowers, it’s his goal to see you fully compensated for your injuries and loss, so you can live a better life!

These are the kinds of connecting stories – we create for YOU – when you hire the Content Creators at Effective Advertising.

Mailer #2 – You Need a Lawyer, Because the World’s Not Fair!

Effective Advertising - Direct MailWhen the world is fair – you won’t need a lawyer! Until then… I’m here for YOU!

We introduce Charles as a superhero.  His big smile sets him apart from other lawyers who fold their arms and list their accolades.

We put a cape on him because Charles McCorquodale could save your life (financially) like a Superhero – if you’ve been injured!

With the same inviting slogan – When it happens to you – I’m here for you!

We know what matters most to you is –

Getting fair treatment.

Charles is the family man here, passing along his wisdom to his son – “The world isn’t fair – and that’s why we all need a good lawyer.”Effective Advertising - Direct Mail Campaign

That’s the real story, and it’s why we all need someone like Charles at times.

Telling stories like this – is how we connect with your audience and bring you extra financial success. We serve you by giving your message the refining polish and time a great product, service, or event deserves.

Because the difference between good and great in business has more to do with your presentation than anything else. Only those who spend the time to get to know you and your company can even give you this high level of quality.

Quality is more than a stunning graphic…

Quality is more than great framing…

Quality is what happens when stunning graphics and great framing come together with the best in subliminal messaging and storytelling.

If you would like to Learn More about Subliminal Messaging, Storytelling and Conversational Hypnosis Click Here to receive updates on our next UPLEVEL Masterclass where you’ll see how the best frame, position, & message!

You Can See Why the Content Creators at Effective Advertising Are Industry Leaders at Story-telling and Subliminal Messaging!  

Wonder Why We Are Leaders in this Industry?

1. Because we have an extra-talented team of content creators who are led by an extra-talented senior creative director who reviews every project.

2. Because there’s always more to learn, our creative director has read thousands of books, magazines, and articles to get a deep understanding of the psychology of sales, conversational hypnosis, and subliminal messaging.

3. Because to get top results you’ve got to spend whatever time it takes to research and understand your industry and audience at a top-level. 

Here Are 3 Things You Can Expect From Us:

1. We will always present what you do in the most powerful, positive, present, and personal way possible.

2. We will brainstorm dozens, sometimes hundreds of ideas, slogans, and visuals to find the best way to position, frame and message what you do.

3. We will find new, better, and different ways to promote your business, and we are absolutely committed to the best results possible.

Our Content Creator’s Pricing for High-Quality Flyers and Mailers

We probably have the world’s best printing prices. It’s great quality and right now, your printing and distributing cost will be around $0.35 – $0.80/a piece for 1,000 + mailers. Most projects start around $1,500 and take 2-5 days to complete.

We can give you a better idea of the price when you call us to chat about your next project. Contact Us!

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