Because most people see 4,000 ads in a day…

They literally have the attention span of a goldfish…

So you ONLY get 3 to 7 seconds to interest them.

If you’re a business owner or an advertiser –

And you want a money-making offer…

To get you more clicks, leads, and sales…

Coming up with a powerful headline is absolutely essential.

Yet writing an award-winning headline is NOT Self-Evident.

(Even if you are a great writer).

Here’s How To Build Trust and Get Attention –

By Adding 2 Valuable Things to Your Headline:                            

Explain the Who and the How.

Then as you read the headline make sure it says both:

        1. Do you quickly see Who the product is for?

        2. And How the product can improve your life?

Here’s an offer Joni and I wrote – for men over 50.

I’m Having The Best Years of My Life In My 50s – After Being Dog Tired in My 30s! Sales Copy for health

This Easy, At-Home

Ripped Grandpa” Routine Changed My Life!

(In just minutes a day)

Right at the beginning, I identify exactly Who this offer is for.

The headline targets men over 50 – Who can benefit from this new routine.

The visuals and emotional language of a “Ripped Grandpa” sells them on the idea of who they want to be.

It’s a short transformational story of going from dog tired to feeling better than ever in your 50s.

        1. Addressing the Who is just the first step…

Just because you get their attention, doesn’t mean they trust you.

So, you must build credibility into your headline.

(This is easier than you realize!)

        2. Next, add How it’s done…

Show them specifically How you can make a difference for them.

  • This is your simple solution…

  • The magic pill…

  • The way you get them results…

  • Perhaps a secret formula no one else has…

Either show them how they can benefit or create more curiosity.

In this advertorial Joni and I wrote for Agora, we are clear about the benefit –

Beat Inflation with this $50 Investment Because it Can Make 1,650x MORE than typical Stock Market Returns…

(Without investing in Risky Real Estate or Cryptos!)Sales Copy

The headline speaks to investors Who want to make more than stock market returns.

We then give clues about Howit’s not real estate or cryptos.

Even though we keep the How a secret, we give enough detailed specifics to gain their trust.

(Keeping in mind that building curiosity, will keep them reading!)

Also the more I look at successful ads – the more I find the best ways to add the WHO and the HOW in my message.

Here are 5 more high performing offers:

Sales Copy 

(Ning Li Copy)

When you read this – do you see the identifying language?

Someone Who wants to lean up and burn fat…

Yet can’t seem to give up those tasty, fried, fatty foods.

How are they ever going to lose weight if they keep eating these junk foods?

Well, now they can – when they get the new keto air fryer with 70 tasty weight loss recipes.

You too can create these winning ads – if you make it easy for them to get what they want (like helping them lose weight – when they eat the fries they love).

Saying Who it’s for and How it Benefits your Audience – Works in Every Industry.

Direct Response Examples

(Here’s a Manward Press Financial Offer)

The Who is someone who wants to make money investing and feels left out – because they didn’t see the Bitcoin trend soon enough.

Now they’ll get a second chance – with these new coins set to skyrocket.

Saying The Right Thing At The Start Is Important.

For example, if you say, “Buy this stock – to make more money!” it wouldn’t explain the specific reason why you believe the stock will go up, so your audience may feel distrustful and scroll away.

Sales Copy

(Here’s an offer for TV coaching)

The headline is addressed right to the Who: “business owners, experts, doctors, and coaches…” with one thing in common –

They want to grow their business.

The How is also very direct…

I’ll show you how to get on TV…

And getting on TV will get them seen and help their business to grow.

(It’s even more enticing because they have a waitlist… so you’d better hurry!)

Sometimes a very direct ad is all you need – to get results.Direct Response Copy

(David Deutsch Copy)

Because David is a master…

His ads are filled with identifying language…

Those Who want to lower cholesterol the easy way.

Yet the How is more of a curiosity-building hint…

“Without drugs or tofu…”

Another great way to overcome audience skepticism and build credibility – is to assure them “it’s not something you’ve heard before…”

Because we all want to know something new.


(Here’s an older one – Courtesy of Hard-to-Find Ads)

I’d love the recipe for this magical, hunger-curbing bread!

I wonder what it tastes like.

Wouldn’t you try a slice?

Now that you’ve seen this simple 1-2 punch formula – you’ll be able to knock out attention-grabbing headlines to get your ads seen and read…

And it won’t matter if they’ve seen 4,000 ads – yours will Be More Interesting.

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