There are 2 ways to Get NEW Clients…

        1. Go out and find them –

        2. Or let them find YOU.

#1 Means you’re good at sales (you may even be good at marketing!)

#2 Means your sales copy is strong enough to get people to buy in person or online (In some cases without even needing a sales team!)

You got in business – because YOU have something VALUABLE to offer your client…

Yet often the customer can’t see your true value…

And they get stuck, so you have to work harder to close the sale…

When your sales copy should be doing this for you!

As the Creative Director at Effective Advertising –

I can write fantastic Sales Copy for you!

It’s a completely different skill than content, technical and creative writing.

Because it’s specific writing that’s designed to get more sales.

And 99% of business owners would increase their revenue with better sales copy.

Having a well-written Landing Page, Ad, Video or Sales Letter is like magic…

These automated sales systems are great for scaling a business faster, so you can make money when you sleep, go on vacation, or spend time with your family…

For example:

4 hours of my time saved his business –

And made him hundreds of thousands!

His laptop and contacts were stolen out of his car.

I overheard his story at a print shop –

And I offered to help him get new clients by writing a sales letter with him.

For every 100 letters we sent – he got 86 NEW clients!

He only paid for the stamps.

And I was able to get him results like the greats in Direct Response Copy – like Eugene Schwartz (who made nearly 50M from one ad) and Dan Kennedy (who charged $50,000 per letter).

Yet Direct Response Copy – Is Extra Awesome For These 3 Types Of Offers:

1. Biz Ops

2. eCommerce Products

3. Informational Products

While some businesses – have a marketing strategy low on copy and heavy on sales and it works well for them. (They get leads from networking, FB Groups or Email Lists, then they follow up one-on-one)

Even these businesses could grow faster with automation.

Yet automation only works well if you have Great Sales Copy.

Then your clients are able to find you online and understand your value.

So, if you are interested in seeing how #DirectResponse #SalesCopy can get you better results – let’s chat about your offer. 

We have created successful sales letters, landing pages, and email copy for health, (I was the Marketing Director at ProBar) the coaching industry, financial experts, and lawyers.

My wife Joni and I work together every day and it’s awesome.Sales Copy Direct Response Copywriting

We have a lot of fun coming up with new ways to –

Get attention and present our client’s business at a top-level.

We write:

  • Sales Letters

  • Landing Pages

  • Email Copy

And we get great results.

Our Direct Response Sales Copy –

Can Do the Heavy Lifting for You!

P.S My grandma can too…

PC – Dean Bradshaw