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How Important Is Your Print Presentation?

Read what the experts say!

With so many changes in technology today, you may wonder…

  • Is It Worth Your Money?

  • Do You Even Need A Business Card?

  • Are Business Cards A Waste of Paper?

The 16 top executives with expertise in Advertising, PR, and Media Strategy, who make up the Forbes Agency Council answer the question

“How valuable is a business card to your business?”How Important is a Business Card to Your Business?

  • 9 said YES! If you get clients from-face-to-face networking, business cards can be very valuable to your business.

  • 4 said business cards play a limited role in your sales & marketing.

  • Only 3 said business cards can be entirely replaced by digital information.

Here’s 8 Ways A Business Card Can Be Helpful –

1. Business Cards Show Your Brand And Style.

2. Cards Reinforce Your Connection!

3. For In-Person Networking, Cards Are More Professional And Last Longer.

4. Creative Cards Get Shared!

5. Business Cards Serve As A Physical Reminder Of You!

6. Business Cards Are Meaningful And Personal!

7. The Quality Of Your Card Reflects The Quality Of Your Business.

8. Cards Are Still The Quickest Way To Exchange Information.

If you want mediocre results – just do what everyone else does (the standard business name, logo and contact info). This is why most business cards are not helpful for sales and marketing. It’s also why they end up in the garbage can.

If you want your business card to get a “WOW!” from the people you meet – you need to give them something more, better, and different.

Marketing experts talk about how, “a great first impression – will give you more sales!”

This is also true with your business card.

If you want this extra business, and you want your business card to make a difference – think of the overall message and impression you want to leave with every person you meet – and make your powerful first impression in 3 seconds.

A great presentation is always more than just a great picture – it’s the whole message that reflects the quality of your brand, the look, and the feel.Effective Face to Face Networking Happens With A Business Card!

Quality content will get you noticed, every time.

This is how every small business goes from good to great.

The Best Business Cards –

  • Tell A Story

  • List 3 Benefits

  • Invite Action

What’s the Best Way to Share Your Story?

Here Are Several Examples: Effective Advertising Projects

How do you stand out as a Lawyer?Effective Advertising Business Cards

  • Inviting Smile

  • Catchy Slogan

  • Connecting Message

We instantly show his potential clients how easy it is to – call Charles McCorquodale Law – your 5-star legal team!

If you haven’t ever called a lawyer before, wouldn’t you want someone who understands exactly what you are going through?

“I’ve been there too…”

Charles has been in an accident as a teenager and as an adult.Content Creation - Effective Advertising for Your Business Cards

He understands what it’s like, to call a lawyer – when your world feels upside down.

So, in one word, what can Charles McCorquodale Law do for you?

Compensation –

  • for your injuries

  • for ongoing medical bills

  • for time lost at work

Do you notice how different and inviting it is to see his sincere smile, sitting on the law library floor, with a cup of coffee?

When you see him with his cup of coffee, can you imagine how easy it would be to meet with him – to see what he can do for you?

This is more than a business card –

This is an invitation with a strong subliminal message.

This is what Our Content Creators Can Do For YOU!

Here’s an Example of What We Did for Day Trade Smart:

The Before –

Effective Advertising - Business Cards


This is a typical business card.

  • Good Graphic

  • Business Name & Logo

  • Contact Info

Is it Interesting and Compelling?

Our Content Creator's Design


The After –

  • Inviting Photo with a Real Smile

  • Amazing Logo and Slogan

  • Clear Compelling Benefit

We Train You – Fund Your Account – Split the Profits… Come See How the Best Trade!

Here’s the other side before:

Effective Advertising Examples - Business Cards


Good photo.  It’s fun – yet it’s what you’d expect to see, (the wall street bull) so it doesn’t stand out.

Here’s the other side after the Effective Advertising team UPleveled the messaging:

Did we come up with a better message?

Effective Advertising's Content Creator's Business Card Design


This Might Be the Best $95 – You’ve Ever Spent! Because most people can afford $95 – to see if they like day trading for a month. (The Real Value Is Well Over $2,000!)

Come See if Day Trading is Right for YOU…

If you like how it goes – let’s chat about – funding your trade account with $100,000 dollars.

Does this get your attention? If you are thinking about it – it’s a big win!

 It’s even more of a win – if you’ve never thought of Day Trading before.

Learn More About How Our Content Creators Write Amazing Sales Pitches Here.

Just for fun, here are two of our Creative Director’s business cards from the 1990’s. Though they would need updating for today’s audience…

Creative Director, Cory MolloyCreative Director, Cory Molloy

If you want to get attention, remember – the mind is fascinated by what’s new, better, and different.

Effective Advertising- Creative ContentCory Molloy’s expertise comes from his sales and marketing training and his experience as a business owner in several industries:

  • Financial/Legal

  • Home Improvement Products

  • Property Management & Construction

  • The Health Food Industry

What do you think of our current business cards? See the difference? Hopefully, you like the style and the messaging.

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