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Advertising for Charles McCorquodale Law

Charles McCorquodale Law

Charles found me online because he wants the best messaging possible. He has paid thousands of dollars for high-level weekend trainings, so he quickly recognized what I can do.

When I looked at the ads and website (3 other marketing agencies created for him) I did not see a strong message.

As soon as I was able to UPLEVEL his messaging – he got clients!

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If You Change Your Words – You Can Change Your Life!

If You Change Your Words – You Can Change Your Life!

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The UPLEVEL Masterclass

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Built Better by Beals

Jordan likes to work with his hands.

He likes to build with wood.

So, I gave him a simple slogan, logo, and door hanger to get him started.

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Example of Subliminal Messaging
Excellent Advertising for Health Food Products

Herbs for Health

The Health Industry is Awesome!

You really get to see lives change when you promote healthy products and services.

So, I was glad to create ads for Herbs for Health.
It was a fun project.

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My best friend Arthur Eggertsen came up with the original recipe and asked me to help with the marketing.

So, I came up with the name “ProBar” for professionals, created the company presentation, and got ProBar into 100 retail stores in 3 months (with a 100% sales rate).

It’s now a multi-million-dollar success story.

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Advertising for Health Foods
Business Success Stories

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